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Working in full partnership with you

We understand that when you sponsor a learner through the Financial Adviser School you’re making an important investment. We are committed to providing you with a return on your investment, so we will work in full partnership with you by:

  • liaising with you during the application process, to put you in charge of the decision-making and the career progression of the learner you’ve chosen
  • keeping you fully involved at every stage, with monthly updates (including results of regular assessments)
  • identifying opportunities to collaborate with your firm to help the learner develop (such as them attending client meetings).

Our full support throughout the journey

Find out more about our assessment centre: the first step to ensuring success for you and your learners.

Support for apprenticeships

KnowledgeIf you choose to use the Government's apprenticeship scheme to help fund the cost of training, there is a duty on the school as well as on you, the sponsor, to track and prove the learner’s ability to satisfy the learning outcomes. We’ll give you our full support to satisfy these requirements, as follows:

  • Regular report cards will be issued to you highlighting the subjects covered in your apprentice’s training. These will include use of the learning management system and results of any tests or exams taken.
  • We’ll provide you with agendas for regular one-to-ones with your trainee to help you support them and keep track of their progress.
  • There will be an end point assessment after the training is complete to evidence your apprentice has successfully completed the programme.
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